Andrew Hanoun 
7 Steps To A Healthier Metabolism
How to Reset The Metabolism and Finally Release the Weight For Good
...Without shakes, pills, powders, FAD dieting or intense exercise.
The Presenter
Andrew Hanoun
Metabolism & Weight Expert
Doctorate of Naturopathy, not a medical doctor
Psychology And Neuroscience Degree
Tony Robbins Platinum Partner

Exclusive Training With Andrew Hanoun:
  • ​Understand How Inflammation, Toxins And Stress Are Wrecking The Metabolism And Health And How To Release Them For Good. 
  • ​​Learn A Sustainable Lifestyle Change That Can Be Enjoyed With Family And Friends While Keeping The Weight Off.
  • Release The Mental And Emotional Blocks That Are Keeping People Stuck And Causing Self-Sabotage.
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We've Worked With Over 2200 People

Sharon Sharpe, 62

• I am off most major medications to include a heavy heart meds for bi-weekly + Afib attacks. I now take a very light dosage as needed for occasional attacks

• My Sleep Apnea is gone—said bye, bye to the C-Pap

• I’ve released 54.5" from my chest, waist, hips, biceps, and thighs

• I was a size 24-26. Right now I’m a size 6-8

• My hair stopped falling out

• I went from 3-4 hours of broken sleep to 7-8 continuously

• I have boundless energy and keep up with my 16 yr. old sons with ease now

I've released over 100 Ibs

Karen Abdallah, 61

Karen is now a coach at the Hanoun Institute of Health, helping women master weight release.

"In 2013, I ended up with a thyroid issue and put on 50 pounds... I tried everything I could think of but kept putting on more and more weight. 

Doctors said just be happy you’re alive. After starting, I have released 72 pounds, and 56 inches. 

I am keping the weight off three years later. 

I am amazed at how well I feel. I have all my energy back and sleeping issues are taken care of. 

My inflammation has gone away. I am so incredibly happy. It is totally sustainable."

Shelly Beatty, 58

This program has changed my life for the better! It has changed my belief system about eating and my entire relationship with food. 

I have released 72 Ibs thus far and only have 28 to go to reach my goal weight. Nothing, before this program has helped me. 

I've had thyroid cancer which destroyed my thyroid function and because of that, my doctor told me I would have a hard time managing my weight. 

Well, he was WRONG! In my opinion, Andrew Hanoun deserves a NOBEL PRIZE for this program! 

For those who are truly ready to improve their life and become the healthiest version of themselves then this program is the way :)

Why Is This Training Is Different

In this training, Andrew Hanoun demonstrates how to get to the root cause of a slow metabolism, inflammation, toxins, and stress, without having to subscribe to any shakes, pills, powders or intense exercise, medications or surgery.

Thousands of Andrew's clients have already learned this process. These are people who the medical industry dismissed.

Want to release the weight and learn how to keep it off—for good?

Register now to learn how to reset the metabolism and give the body a fresh, new start, even for those who've tried everything else.. 

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