Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Much Does It Cost To Work With Andrew Hanoun? 

We are committed to excellence and producing long-term results with our proprietary nutrition phases, mindset reconditioning, coaching and commitment to education over a 9 month process, so it won't be inexpensive.

For people who we accept to work with us, we may have monthly affordable options. 

Please note, we are NOT "Metabolic Reset Program". There are 100s of pills, shakes, books and supplement subscriptions with that name.

Q: These Results Are Amazing! Can I Expect Them?

Since our clients are women in their 40s-70s who've tried everything else and cannot lose weight or keep it off, we hear this all the time. 

The client interviews I've done are real. The tears and smiles are real. 

The before and afters were submitted by the clients to us to share.

And we have hundreds more testimonials in our private community.
That being said, the success of the client depends on many factors including the work they put in and their commitment, their current health situation, environmental factors etc...

It should also be noted that any change is challenging.

The results of the clients were because they were committed and followed the process. They experienced their own challenges, mentally, emotionally and physically, but decided to keep on going. 

So please, do not contact us if you're looking for an easy path forward with no challenges.

That does not exist.

We believe in doing the inner work necessary for permanent change, and that can be very challenging (but very rewarding) and our community are here to support our clients through that, but it's because the clients are committed to being the best version of themselves.

Can You Really "Reset The Metabolism"?

My definition of resetting the metabolism is this:

"Getting the body back to a state of health where the metabolism can function optimally."

If we can educate our clients on how to do this, and with the right dietary approach, the weight can come off, and the client can learn how to keep it off.

Q: What Makes Working With Andrew Different Than All The Other Programs?

Three Words.

We care more about Long-Term Results.

Many programs out there preach short-term fast results.

Whether it be weird Metabolic programs that involve tons of supplements, testing, and low-calorie, unsustainable diets, or intense bootcamps that cause excess stress in the body, or counting points or calories that give us a lot of mental stress. 

A quick fix is nice in your 20s and 30s, but as we get older, these diets do more harm than good. I call this the sling-shot effect. 

When you stress the body out in the short-term with these types of programs, you cause a more damaged metabolism in the long-term, making the weight come on faster afterwards.

That's why these programs can't brag about long-term results.

Have you ever met someone who has kept the weight off after doing HCG, bootcamps, Keto, Nutrisystem, or any other fad diet?

Me neither. 

The core focus needs to be long-term results.

Whatever diet you follow, you should think to yourself: "Can I do this for the rest of my life?"

If not, it's not sustainable.

If so, great! You've found your match. 

This is our goal.

And there are several pillars we use to achieve these long-term results:

1) Health First Approach: 
 An unhealthy body will never release the weight and keep it off.  

2) Mindset - The Mind Always Wins.
If we do not address the subconscious, the weight will come back on plus more due to self-sabotage. 

3) Educating Our Clients On How Their Body Works, How To Listen To It, And The Aspects Of A Lifestyle Change That Are Necessary. 
We provide a comprehensive education on how the body works, what, when, how much and how to eat and live. We do not believe in giving you a fish. We believe in teaching you how to fish so that you can have lifelong results and teach others how to do the same. 

4) An Enjoyable, Sustainable Process That The Whole Family Can Enjoy.
If your family doesn't enjoy the lifestyle change, your chances of long lasting results are slim. We gear our recipes and food choices so that not only do you enjoy them, but the whole family does too- even more than their current diet. Yes, even husbands and kids who are "meat and potatoes" types of people inevitably can make the switch over. And it's real, delicious, whole foods! No weird pre-packaged stuff or weird tasting recipes.

5) Support Team Who Walk The Talk
Each one of my suppor staff has succesfully released weight using our approach. We are not the "fat personal trainers" type of team. We practise what we preach. Our clients get daily access to our support team and access to live coaching calls a week. 

6) Being Connected And Accountable To Other Women Who've Already Achieved These Results 
You are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with. Ever hear of that? Imagine being surrounded by a large group of women who started where you are now and have gotten to their dream weights and are keeping it off! Our warriors are excited to welcome on new members, and connect with them. Imagine having a group of women who are there to support you through every struggle and celebrate every win! We have clients in almost every state in the U.S. and province in Canada, so there are lots of opportunities for local accountability partners!

Q: Is Andrew Hanoun A Doctor? 

No, I am not.

I graduated from the Canadian College Of Naturopathic Medicine, however, decided not to get licensed.

I am NOT a Medical or Naturopathic doctor. 

I have a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner certification. 

I also hold a Doctor of Pastoral Science degree, conferred by the Pastoral Medical Association, a private ecclesiastical association. 

This means that the services I offer are based on addressing the physical, mental or spiritual (or all three) Aspects of health.

I DO NOT diagnose, treat, or cure any diseases or illnesses, including but not limited to that of Obesity.

Q: Isn't Losing Weight Fast Unhealthy?
One of the biggest myths propagated by the fitness industry is that only 1-2 pounds of fat loss a week is healthy.

This is because when you force your body to lose weight through chronic intense exercise and low calorie restrictive diets, 1-2 pounds a week is the best result you can get.

The truth is, your body desperately wants to get rid of the inflammatory fat, as it knows how dangerous it is. The problem is it's too stressed and inflamed to be able to do so. It's waiting for the right signals.

When you focus on healing the body and sending it the proper signals, the fat can be released faster, and you can feel vibrant while it happens. 
Q: How Many Calories Am I Eating On The Program?
There are 4 phases of the program: Priming, Loading, Releasing, and Maintenance. 

During priming, you will not be counting calories. This phase is designed to really support the metabolism.  It is also designed to support the wounded emotional relationship most people have with food.  It also enhances the detoxification process of the body, gearing it up for the next 3 phases. 

On the loading phase, you will be consuming a lot of food.

On the releasing phase, we move away from calorie counting, and instead focus on portion sizes. You will be eating two large meals daily, both of which are delicious and satisfying. 

A big part of our philosophy is educating our clients on how to have a healthy relationship with food that is simple and sustainable. 

On maintenance, we have you increase your meals to three a day, and teach you to increase your food intake while maintaining the weight that was released.

Once you've reached your goal weight, we will teach you how to re-introduce foods you love back into your diet, while maintaining your new goal, without ever having to count calories!