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Michelle and Doug, Metabolic Journey

Kristen's Metabolic Journey

Karen, 50s, Metabolic Journey

2 Year Follow Up Interview Karen Still Keeping The Weight Off 

Wendys's Metabolic Journey

Naomy's Metabolic Journey

Sharon's Metabolic Journey. Sharon's Husband Joins Her On The Interview

1 Year Follow Up- Sharon Mainting Weight Off Almost 1 Year Later

How Mary Rottschafer, 68, Has Maintained Her Release Over 6 Months Later. Mary's Husband (a medical doctor) Joins Her On This Interview To Provide His Perspective 

2 Year Follow Up- Mary and Husband Keeping The Weight Off.

Teresa's, 50s, Metabolic Journey

Teresa's 3 Year Follow Up - Teresa Is Maintaining Her Weight Despite Many Life Stressors And Travels Abroad.

Jeannine's Metabolic Journey

Brendas's Metabolic Journey

Penny's, 60s, Metabolic Journey

Follow Up Interview- Penny, at 66, Still In Control Of Her Weight Years Later

Shelly's Metabolic Journey

Jeannette's Metabolic Reset Journey

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